Autumn 2020 Online Meeting

Coronavirus has indeed once more affected our everyday lives as well as our TTT-I plans. Rescheduling has evolved into a regular practice for our team as our last appointment programmed for November in Lesvos has been postponed again. Nevertheless, we do not give up! On the contrary, our creativity and productivity have remained high during all summer and mid-autumn. Thus, with our spirits high, we have decided to appoint our future meeting in Lesvos in spring, keeping our fingers crossed that the situation will be much better then!

We have already managed to wrap up the three first topics and we are all currently working on the fourth. The second  Newsletter, which will be edited by Active Citizens Partnership is also under development. Our next online meeting is scheduled on the 9th of November. Online meetings are really vital for keeping our team together and well organized: we have the chance to discuss about our intellectual output: by commenting on each other’s topics we help eliminate errors and omissions in our project. In addition, we manage to stay on top of our tasks regarding project dissemination and project evaluation, as well as other procedures. Therefore, we continue working hard, looking forward to starting again our lovely journeys and face to face meetings!

To freshen up the memory to the old ones and to inform the newly interested Train the Trainers of Immigrants- funded by Erasmus+ under Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult education- is a project that focuses throughout its two active years on the development and implementation of a training methodology on non-formal learning of languages for immigrants.
During the project’s life cycle there will be developed a series of non-formal learning techniques such as cybercafé, language tandems, and methodologies about dealing with traumatic situations, raise awareness on cultural differences, different socioeconomic environment as well as cultural mediation of immigrants.
Two trainings will be implemented too– a first one in Greece and an advanced one later in Spain.
The partnership of this project is composed by the coordinator of the project Fundacja Ad Meritum (Poland), Jaume I University Business Foundation (Spain), Active Citizens Association (Greece), Second Chance School of Mytilene (Greece).