Spring 2021 Online Meeting

Although our plans for meeting in person have been postponed – and it is not even sure that we will be able to finally meet each other- we are always optimistic and keep setting new dates! We hope that this time we will make it! Our LTT and Transnational meeting in Lesvos is set for mid-Juin and we have a strong feeling that this time we are going to make it!

The good news is that or work progresses beautifully –according to the schedule- and we all consider it to be really meaningful and empowering in this difficult covid-era! The cyber café is also being organized by our partner Giorgos Bekiaridis from ACP and we will soon be able to use it fruitfully in order to disseminate our work. Of course dissemination is a multi-linear process that we all work on , so that TTT-I  will be  able to reach as many people as possible  .This is the way to accomplish our goals, to help as many people in need flourish  by providing the appropriate tools for communication , understanding, acceptance. The LTT meeting will be very revealing  as to the effectiveness of our methods and this is the main reason for which we are looking forward to it! So we keep our fingers crossed!

To freshen up the memory to the old ones and to inform the newly interested Train the Trainers of Immigrants- funded by Erasmus+ under Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult education- is a project that focuses throughout its two active years on the development and implementation of a training methodology on non-formal learning of languages for immigrants.
During the project’s life cycle there will be developed a series of non-formal learning techniques such as cybercafé, language tandems, and methodologies about dealing with traumatic situations, raise awareness on cultural differences, different socioeconomic environment as well as cultural mediation of immigrants.
Two trainings will be implemented too– a first one in Greece and an advanced one later in Spain.
The partnership of this project is composed by the coordinator of the project Fundacja Ad Meritum (Poland), Jaume I University Business Foundation (Spain), Active Citizens Association (Greece), Second Chance School of Mytilene (Greece).