Poland Meeting OCT. 2021

And this is the end, dear friends!

Our meeting in the end of October 2021 in Poland led to the closing session of TTT-I in Warsawa, and in Łódź. 

The feelings were mixed: on the one hand we were very proud of working on this project and of producing this material, which we hope that will be useful for many people who need it. We felt that all good experiences have an ending and this is ours. 

On the other hand, we will never forget the warm and friendly character of all our partners and the respect and attention they have paid to TTT-I. It is always hard to say goodbye.

We managed to do it in the best way in Łódź, where we talked a lot about the last details and the dissemination of the programme: We exchanged a lot of ideas on the ways we would disseminate it. One of them was a very powerful webinar that will take place on the 27th of October online. All partners will take part and they are going to invite representatives of organizations, teachers and anyone else who could be interested in it and use it in order to help people thrive.

 Apart from the meetings regarding TTT-I the Polish team had prepared for us very interesting visits in Warsaw, in order to make us feel the rhythm of this beautiful capital of Poland. We really appreciated and enjoyed  it!

During the last night we all drank to new fruitful projects and new cooperations. 

To freshen up the memory to the old ones and to inform the newly interested Train the Trainers of Immigrants- funded by Erasmus+ under Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult education- is a project that focuses throughout its two active years on the development and implementation of a training methodology on non-formal learning of languages for immigrants.
During the project’s life cycle there will be developed a series of non-formal learning techniques such as cybercafé, language tandems, and methodologies about dealing with traumatic situations, raise awareness on cultural differences, different socioeconomic environment as well as cultural mediation of immigrants.
Two trainings will be implemented too– a first one in Greece and an advanced one later in Spain.
The partnership of this project is composed by the coordinator of the project Fundacja Ad Meritum (Poland), Jaume I University Business Foundation (Spain), Active Citizens Association (Greece), Second Chance School of Mytilene (Greece).