Completion of the modules and implementation of LTT and TPM

The five modules which have been appointed for every organization have been successfully completed and revised by all participants in the almost monthly online meetings that have been set in order to keep up a good pace for the development of the program. The next step would be to decide if our Learning Teaching and Training Activities (LTT) and Transnational Project Meetings (TPM)  would take place online or in situ. The pandemic made us change our decision a few times but finally in the middle of spring it was decided to hold the meeting in Lesvos. It turned out to be an excellent decision, as the trip to Lesvos was very fruitful and effective, with all partners giving their best to present their work and share their outcomes with each other. 

More specifically, during each one of the five days of the LTT one partner implemented part of their work and then followed evaluation, discussion and comments from the other partners. During the LTT participants also had the chance  to visit the Kara Tepe Camp, in Lesvos in  an organized by the SCS workshop, and talk with refugee students and volunteering teachers about their needs and their work tools, which helped them a lot realize the true goals of informal learning targeted for immigrants and refugees.

The Next Step

The next step of the  program will hopefully  take place in Castellón de la Plana of Spain from 13 to 17 of September . All partners will send 5 trainers from their organisations, including 2 not previously involved in project activities, to be trained according to the TTT-I . The training will last 5 full days and will be provided by core staff who worked on program development. Each partner will be responsible for one day of the training and ongoing evaluation of the current day of the training will be provided by the Spanish partner. On the last day evaluation of the training will be provided by the trainers and its impact on the project generally and more specifically on educational work and on partnership organisations. The expected feedback from the evaluation will help discern the value of the developed tools in the work with immigrants and refugees.

To freshen up the memory to the old ones and to inform the newly interested Train the Trainers of Immigrants- funded by Erasmus+ under Key Action 2, Strategic Partnership in the field of Adult education- is a project that focuses throughout its two active years on the development and implementation of a training methodology on non-formal learning of languages for immigrants.
During the project’s life cycle there will be developed a series of non-formal learning techniques such as cybercafé, language tandems, and methodologies about dealing with traumatic situations, raise awareness on cultural differences, different socioeconomic environment as well as cultural mediation of immigrants.
Two trainings will be implemented too– a first one in Greece and an advanced one later in Spain.
The partnership of this project is composed by the coordinator of the project Fundacja Ad Meritum (Poland), Jaume I University Business Foundation (Spain), Active Citizens Association (Greece), Second Chance School of Mytilene (Greece).