Train the Trainer of Immigrants

Project Partners

The partnership of this project is composed by the coordinator of the project Fundacja Ad Meritum, the Asociation for Crisis Assistance and Development Cooperation Wadi, Active Citizens Association, Second Chance School of Mytilene and Jaume I University Business Foundation.

Empresa, Spain

Fundación Universitat Jaume I-Empresa

The Fundació Universitat Jaume I-Empresa was established in order to develop the commitment of collaborating with the Universitat Jaume I in the promotion of activities related to postgraduate and continuous training, transfer of research results and the potential improvement of business and economic sectors from Castellón (Spain).
The mission of its European and International Projects Office is to get funding to develop innovative projects, especially in the field of education and training, business innovation, knowledge transfer, climate change, health and energy.

Athens, Greece

Active Citizens Partnership

Active Citizens Partnership is an NGO based in North Eastern Greece and has office in Athens. We have extensive experience to design and support programs that address contemporary training and social needs at national and European level. ACP has staff with expertise in research, educational technology, instructional design, eLearning, counselling, innovation, social integration, rural planning and human resource development. As lead partner of Local Employment Project “Anagennisi” we had been certified by Regional Government of Easter Macedonia and Thrace for its Managerial Capability System. Managerial Capability System was designed and implemented to meet the requirements of Hellenic Standard ELOT.

Lesvos, Greece

Second Chance School of Mytilene

The School of Second Chance of Mytilene was founded in 2003 and is currently based in the centre of the city of Mytilene. It has two departments, the main one in Mytilene and a second one in the village of Kalloni, which is the largest village of the county of Lesvos, at the northern part of the island. The School addresses adults who have not completed their compulsory high school-education. Graduates acquire a High School Degree of attendance, which is equivalent to the mainstream High School Degree, and they obtain better occupational prospects and necessary knowledge to move on to higher educational institutions.

Warszawa, Poland

Fundacja Ad MERITUM

Fundacja Ad MERITUM is a non-profit organization. It was founded by small and medium entrepreneurs specializing in project management, science management, training, and management of small businesses. The goal is to support the development of entrepreneurship competences among young people and adults in Europe, including migrants, and people with special needs and fewer opportunities. We implemented and we are currently implementing a series of initiatives cofinanced by the following EU programmes: Erasmus+, European Social Fund, the European Funds for Knowledge, Education and Development.

What the partners are doing in the project?

Fundacion Universitat Jaume I

FUE-UJI is the partner in charge of developing the module on socio-economic environment and intercultural mediation of the TTT-I training program.This module includes five different topics in which the participants will work during the training. Each topic will be implemented during 2 hours. All in all the module will have a duration of 10 hours of training activities.


In the Train the trainers of immigrant’s project Active Citizens Partnership will be leading the cultural awareness module and the cybercafé module.
The first unit of the cultural awareness module is the “migratory phenomenon”, or “migratory flows”, and what are the consequences of the migratory phenomenon in Europe.
In the module cybercafe the trainers will learn how to use the new technologies in training.


The Second Chance School is the partner in charge of composing a module which will help trainers to deal with the traumatic situations of the learners. It is important to note that a trainer is not a psychologist and should not try to act as one. Nonetheless, they have to bear in mind that their students may have gone through traumatic situations and be prepared for behaviours that may stem from such situation.


Fundacja Ad MERITUM is responsible for 30-hour module of TTT-I course.
The following informal language learning methodologies will be presented:
– traditional language cafe,
– tandem® language cafe,
– MERITUM Style® – the methodology of nonformal teaching Polish as a foreign language, developed in the years 1992-2012, by Meritum-Polish Language School®.