Kick off meeting


Our kickoff meeting took place in the wonderful winter landscape of Kazimierz Dolny.

After a quite tiring trajectory we gathered there in order to get to know each other and set the basis of our project. The first session was very interesting as we introduced ourselves and the organizations we represent to each other. It helped us break the ice, feel quite comfortable and realize our common features. This would make us cooperate more effectively and have fun at the same time!
Then, after a short coffee break we started setting the boundaries of the project, defining our goal and devising the pathway to achieve it: by answering the ‘what, why, how, and for whom’ questions. This procedure was really helpful because we gained through it a common viewpoint and many queries we might have had were answered. The next step was the delineation of each partner’s role in the project output development during which, the participants who were more experienced helped a lot clarify situations which would come up later thus saving time and energy for everyone! That is how the team spirit works!

Strategic planning

Reviving discussion – Finally, after a reviving lunch in the centre of Kazimierz, our afternoon session regarded the project coordination strategy: templates, evaluation concept and tools, next tasks and deadlines. These procedures made us put our work into perspective and visualize the moment it would be completed. All in all, our first meeting in Poland was very productive.

We all look forward to our next meeting in Lesvos!