Train the Trainer of Immigrants

Project Stages

What, why, how, and for whom

Next Stages

IV – VI 2020
TPM 2 – second meeting of project partners:

evaluation of IO/A3 stage (VI 2020)
IO/A4 Development of the final version of TTT-I program

VIII – X 2020

Greek partners – cyber learning platform development Lesvos:
– project library with the created programs and materials;
– forum for the trainers.
All partners contributes.

XI 2020 – V 2021
TPM 3 – third meeting of project partners, evaluation of
IO/A4 – IO/A6 stages, Greece-Athens (VI 2021)
IO/A7 – preparation for international training for the trainers on TTT-I


LTT 2 – Learning Teaching Training in Valencia, Spain (VIII/IX 2021)
ME – Multiplier Events (X 2021)
TPM 4 – final meeting of project partners and closing the project (X 2021)

TPM = Transnational Project Meeting;
IO = Intellectual Output;
A = Activity;
LTT = Learning Teaching Training joint staff short-term training event;
ME = Multiplier Event