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    Please introduce yourself and how your work is related to the project.

    Mike Aivaliotis

    Michael Aivaliotis and i me here because i want to know more about cyber cafe

    Ewa Kubel

    I am Ewa from Poland. I am the coordinator of the TTT-I project. It is important to me that teachers of foreign languages for immigrants have access to methodological preparation that takes into account the specificities of this work. I teach Polish language to refugees myself and I see how important is not only a good preparation to teach the language, but also a cultural preparation.

    Panagiotis Touzenis

    Hi my name is Panagiotis and I work for the Second Chance School of Mytilene located in Lesvos island in Greece. I would like to include the TTT-I methods to the school curriculum in order to help our adult refugee students thrive.

    Maria Sapountzi

    Hi there! We are Maria & Maria coming from Greece and we work together for the project “Train the trainers of the immigrants” trying to get a grasp of the best practices and methods in order to succeed this and promote education in the immigrants.

    Michelle Andrade

    Hi! We are the EuroFUE team: Maria, Lorena and Michelle.

    The FUE-UJI is the partner in charge of developing the module on socio-economic environment and intercultural mediation of the TTT-I training program.

    Panagiotis Touzenis

    My name is Katerina Efstathiou-Selacha, I am a greek language teacher in the Second Chance School of Mytilene and a psychology graduate.I am the author of the intellectual output regarding how to deal with trauma in the classroom, by the Second Chance School of Mytilene.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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